Andy Rem_author 3Andy Remic is the author of quite a few fantasy and SF novels, currently – Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, SIM, Serial Killers Incorporated, Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers, Vampire Warlords, Cloneworld, Theme Planet, Toxicity and the anthology, The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. His latest works are The Iron Wolves and The White Towers, published by Angry Robot Books.
Remic is a hard-talking, hard-fighting fluffy bunny rabbit of a man, who enjoys mountain biking, film making, mountain climbing, kick boxing and red hot chilli peppers! He has an unhealthy love of chainsaws, and some people like his books. He also runs his little baby, Anarchy Books, which aims to help first time writers.
He also makes liccle films. Please visit-
Andy can be contacted by emailing — jappoc [at]
Statement of Author:
My first novel for Orbit Books was Spiral, published 2003. The blurb runs: “In a future where nuclear warheads can be hidden in a suitcase … In a world where designer plagues are held suspended in a teardrop … Prepare for chaos. Where conventional armies are powerless to defend against a single assassin, the secret organisation known as SPIRAL exists to fight a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states of every faith and political persuasion. Remorseless, unstoppable, of every country and of none, SPIRAL’s agents conduct their covert operations throughout the world in a never-ending battle for civilisation’s survival. But now SPIRAL itself is under attack. And if SPIRAL falls, the world falls with it …”
My official biography  blurb runs like this: Andy Remic lives in Lincoln, UK, although his heart and viking soul belong to the Scottish mountains. Married with two children, Andy has a variety of esoteric and sometimes contrasting loves, including sword fighting, climbing, mountain biking, kick-boxing, Ducati motorcycles and retro-gaming.
He writes SF/ fantasy/ horror/ thrillers, and some people quite like his books.
Remic also wrote the computer version of his novel Biohell for the 48K Spectrum, in which many people are still stuck. It can be found here (although it’s classed as an “adult” title, so you have to go through the infoseek thingy):
Bioscreen 1
  1. Gareth said:

    Hey Andy,

    Eeekk, Im not in the blog roll. Incidently on the Angry Robot site, it sort of gives the impression of a bit of the ol Gender Reassignment, what with Mrs and Mrs Remic in the photo. LOL

  2. andyremic said:

    Ha ha, Lee’s little joke I think, although you’ll find our little comedy japester has quite a thing for silky black lace panties😉 (not that I saw them in the V&A Museum fountain or anything when he did a strip to Celine Dione)…. you had to be there🙂

    • eliz said:

      hey there i just wanted to say that you are a real cool dude🙂 i enjoy your emmense books thoroughly THEY ARE LIKE SOOO AWSOME!!😀 i do hope you didn’t really see my lacy black panties, that would be so totally embarrasing man. LOVEYOUU xxx

  3. Anton Berg said:

    Hi… Im a huge fan of your spiral trilogy and it’s just amazing what you do… How do you come up with this names of gadgets and other stuff? Like the name Nex is so, you random, but it still fits to what they are… And then i wanted ask you, what did you teach before you started writing full-time? I tried to look for it but couldn’t find the answer…🙂

    That is all… You ROCK…😀

  4. andyremic said:

    Very kind of you, mate🙂
    I used to teach English, and have taught secondary, A level and to undergraduates. All good fun!!

    The Nex started off as Necros – the dead. They were a kind of zombie. My editor on that book, Simon Kavanagh, said “the dead are not cool” so I moved from a zombie vibe to an insect vibe. I think it worked pretty well🙂

    The gadgets are always extrapolations of real stuff. Say thank you to the Jane’s books on weapons, tanks and aircraft for that. Thanks Jane’s!!

    And thanks for your comments!!

  5. reece said:

    Hey, you used to teach english at my secondary school St Theodores, one of my mates did his class talk on Cypress Hill haha. I just saw one of your books in town today, looks good, think I might buy it!

  6. andyremic said:

    I remember the talk!! You were all surprised your geeky English teacher could like such a cool band!! And yes– you won’t regret the book😉

  7. JoshThompson said:

    Hey, Mr. Remik; I used to be in your form, you used to tell me, Riley and Stevenson off for playing cards in the corner of the room. Heh, anyway I’m gonna follow Reece’s example and pick up one of your books, from the synopsis they sound epic. Nice work.

  8. andyremic said:

    Yes, I remember you, bad card-playing boys. At least you weren’t as bad as the lad who sucked his way through 17 packets of crisps for his breakfast. In secret, The great big crispy freak.

  9. martin said:

    Hi Andy,
    A quick word or three……I have just signed up for your newsletters
    and a big THANK YOU for your excellent work…….keep em comin matey, cheers M

  10. andyremic said:

    Many thanks🙂 I’m firing them out like machine-gun bullets, honest!!

  11. Jackie Metcalf said:

    When will Hardcore be released in U.S.

    I read War Machine and Biohell back to back now I need my Combat K. fix

    • andyremic said:

      As far as I’m aware, it’s going out in January 2010 worldwide, but there may be a few teething delays because Solaris Books was recently acquired by Rebellion. Cheers!!


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