The newly announced Spectrum Addict: The Lost Tapes.

specadd 2.5_cover master

Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict and Spectrum Addict: Load “FILM2” feature documentary films. 🙂






IMPURITY the movie

This has now been removed from distribution.



  1. Philip said:

    This was very interesting, thanks!

  2. brain de witt said:

    Fun reads biohell and hardcore,,,dont see the next one yet talked about?? hope its in the works,,great caracters good stories…looking forward to others..great job

  3. gage young said:

    huge fan! love all your clock work books!

  4. heather said:

    Hey andy when is the next kells legend comming out I really love the first three books and I wanna see what happeneds with kell

    • The Editor said:

      None planned at the moment, although I am working on some new fantasy ideas….. 🙂

  5. adam lee said:

    just watched the short films…brilliant! keep it up

    if you ever need a “carter” giz a shout lol

  6. Dan WOODS said:

    Hey Andy, When is a new Spiral book coming out, Please tell me there is. Have got to read more about Carter/Kade, and please tell me srg simmo and mongrel will be there??? thanks great books, Dan

    • The Editor said:

      Err, that’s going to be “a while”….. 😦

      • Any plans on new book series or you will stick with Spiral.

      • The Editor said:

        I have a new series out in Jan2014, The Iron Wolves — but also have plans to write another SPIRAL novel and another COMBAT K novel – jus’ for the fans, y’know?? 🙂

  7. chris said:

    will keenan be coming back in the next combat k book?

    • The Editor said:

      Oh yes indeedy!!!!!

    • The Editor said:

      Oh yes!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. stefano said:

    hello im just wondering do you plan on making any of the books into full length movies if so that be great.

    • The Editor said:

      Hi Stefano.
      Probably not, at the moment. It’s writing for very different mediums, and I currently write movies that I know I can film myself (‘cos Hollywood ain’t going to give me a $60 million budget. Ha! What do they know?) All best, Rem.

  9. John said:

    I loved the clockwork series! I think it would make an awesome tv series or movie series if directed by the right person. I would love to see what happens to kell next.

    • The Editor said:

      Get those Game of Throne guys onto it…. 😉

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