Today is an Even Better Day!!

Got a really cool new review over at:

“To appreciate fully Kell’s Legend we must first look at the rhetorical device of pastiche and its use and efficacy in science fiction and fantasy,examine the schism which exists between the heroic fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien and that of Michael Moorcock, and then decide whether Remic accomplished his goal–to compose the Gemmell itself. ”

“Kell’s Legend is an iconoclastic melange of themes that incorporates devices from various genres–Moorcook/Gemmell heroic fantasy, steampunk, and horror. It is an exciting, brutal novel, soaked in testosterone and paced like a roller coaster. The sex and violence is visceral and the action is non-stop. It is not your grandpa’s heroic fantasy; it is something else: cruder, rougher, more violent, realistic and materialistic. In other words, it will be addictive to the modern reader with a taste for Moorcockian fantasy.”

Wow. Thanks. And yes, I do love Moorcock’s work as well 🙂

  1. Franco's Lovechild said:

    Well done on all these fab reviews although they are making the wait to read it almost unbearable!

    I nearly bought it a few months back as it the the only book of yers (i’m your biggest fan – Misery style, watch oot) I have yet to read but in a moment of utter madness I put it on my Christmas wish list for the wife to get me.

    While this seemed a good idea at the time (basically a free copy – tight git) I forgot Crimbo was flippin ages away 😦

  2. andyremic said:

    Eek! Now you have me frightened!! You big freak, you.

    You can always get the next Combat K on 12th December in Liverpool when I sign; barring that, it’s out in Jan2010. But it’s a long drvie from the wilds of Scotland, I know 🙂


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