Anarchy Books – TOOLAF – Brilliant Second Review!!

Anarchy Books second publication, The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen has just received its second great review!!

Holland-Keen has created some really good characters. Thomas Locke is excellent
as the bumbling detective. A very likeable guy and I wish we had seen more of
him. He does know what he is doing even though it certainly does not seem like
that at times. When the storm hits, Thomas Locke is a rock. Veronica is a feisty
cynical women with a grudge. She often delivers the one liners or a knee to the
balls. Whatever works best for the occasion. You never know what she will do
next. She can go from a purring kitty to stone cold killer in a second. Lafarge
is also great. Mysterious, powerful and neither Locke nor Victoria know if he
can be trusted.”


I really enjoyed reading The Office of Lost and
Found. It’s fun, scary, surprising and bizarre. The book kept surprising me

and just when I thought things could not get more weird they did. Vincent
Holland-Keen writes like a cocktail of Douglas Adams and A Lee Martinez with a
twist of James Herbert. A very solid first novel from Vincent Holland-Keen and
I’ll have to keep my eyes open for more books from him.”

So, more great praise for Anarchy Books author Vincent Holland Keen, or VHK as we call him in the trade — as if he’s some weird cyborg love-child of PKD and The Terminator.

You have been warned!! Read The Office of Lost and Found…. due out the first week of July at

Read the full review at:


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