Lincolnshire Library Closures – A Bad Comedy.

My dad died when I was 15. We had limited money. My local library was an umbilical to the world of literature, both reading for pleasure and for my ‘O’ level  and ‘A’ level studies. As a penniless undergraduate, the library then helped me gain my degree in English Literature. To have had no library during those financially hard years would have been massively detrimental to my academic learning, to my reading for pleasure (which also goes hand in hand with academic progress, fact), to my eventual stepping stone of becoming an English teacher and published author, and finally in simply learning about the world through books. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind I would not be where I am today without my local library.

So it is with great disgust I see Lincolnshire County Council proposing massive cuts to the library service in Lincoln – namely, the closure of 32 libraries (out of a total of 47, leaving only 15 open!). As ever, it’s about money. I won’t go into the stupidity of comments and thinking by those proposing and defending the library cuts (if you’re interested, has it well documented) but a simple thing YOU can do to help is sign the online petition at

The closure of 32 libraries will have an adverse effect on communities, and especially those from single parent families, those suffering financial hardship, the unemployed, the elderly, those without transport etc etc.

I thought we lived in a democracy?

Well – let’s see how this one pans out, shall we?     😉

Andy Remic, 30 August 2013.

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