Chemical Man Short Film.

OK, so I’ve made a short film called Chemical Man, mainly as a learning process to get me used to hi-def cams and editing software and, er, working with “actors”. By making something like this, you certainly learn a lot during the process and it’s a damn sight harder than you think!! There are many “mistakes” in the film but hey, it was really good fun and I’ll post Chemical Man soon so I can be pelted with rotten tomatoes, heh. As one friend said when they saw this pic, “Is that you, Rem, in the gimp mask?”. Ho ho. So yes, it is indeed I in the gimp mask.

Please note, I want to say a very special thanks to the musicians who graciously and humorously gave permission to use their vibes in this little film. So thanks to Jordan Reyne for her sultry vocals, thanks to TH3 M1SS1NG which I hate to type but love to listen to, and also especially for that haunting piano track written just for this film; and finally, a HUGE THANKS to the wonderful NEW MODEL ARMY for permisison to use Bad Harvest from their latest album, Today Is A Good Day, and who I’ve been listening to for DECADES!! Wow. I’m totally honoured!!

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