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The Fantasy Book Club interviews Andy Remic…

Yes! If you are bored, and wish to listen to me drivel for an hour to the poor devils known as Sam and James at the Square Groot, name-dropping the likes of Mark Gascoigne (Angry Robot Books), Lee Harris (Tor), interviewer Marie Vedat, and lots of dudes involved in my Spectrum Addict film, along with conversation about my early works (Spiral, Combat K, Kell’s Legend) and new and upcoming projects, then you need to listen to this as you a) mow the garden, b) pluck your nostrils, c) administer a much-needed enema to your stinky dog. Go listen. Or not. 🙂

Randy. x


Hello there, whilst enjoying the party of the SFX Weekender I took part in a podcast interview alongside friends such as James Lovegrove and Joe Abercrombie. You can listen to it by clicking on the link below. Peace. 🙂

“Here’s a special treat for you – Andy Remic reads from the first two volumes in his Clockwork Vampire Trilogy” – so says wiseman Lee Harris of Angry Robot Books. And yes, I committed the crime of doing not one, but two audio podcasts of my Clockwork Vampire novels, Kell’s Legend and Soul Stealers, complete with music and SOUND FX. The joy. Haha.

The audio podcasts can be heard at:

Permission for the music used in the podcasts has kindly been granted by the m1ss1ng – (opening track) and Jordan Reyne – (end track). Cheers peeps!!