Simply Electronics – A Group of Dodgy 10-week-dead Skunk-stinking Criminals.

This refers to Based – you guessed it – in the Isle of Wight.

This is so dodgy, I cannot BELIEVE Amazon use these crooks as a seller!! And I cannot BELIEVE I have been royally skanked, haha. Still – thank Barclaycard for Internet Insurance, right? We’ll see…. Ordered a Panasonic camcorder for over 700 quid. “” – some kind of internet finance organisation (yeah, right) – on behalf of Simply Electronics immediately charged my credit card. A week later, Simply sent an email requesting photocopies of my credit card, passport and driving license. Dodgy? Identity theft? Do I look that stupid? Heh, what do you reckon? I subsequently cancelled my order. I tried phoning – but obviously there was never any answer. How could there be? They’re in Barbados. Or Nigeria. I emailed Simply Muppettronics, continually, and get the same reply- “your refund has been passed on to our processing department”. I contacted the amazingly contactable who say “they will investigate” – and they obviously do not, because no investigation occurs. So. After four weeks of waiting for that elusive refund, I cave in and report it to a nice lady in Bangladesh who works for Barclaycard. I have to explain it four times, but hey, that’s fine because I just want my money back. Simply Electronics? Simple Electronics? Simply Muckspreading? Simple Criminals? They can’t be that simple, they still have my damn cash!!! Damn that organised crime. Update to follow.

AMAZON you should be ASHAMED of yassells.

  1. Were you able to get the cc company to refund the money?

  2. andyremic said:

    Hah, not yet, but I have faith in the fraud guys and gals in Bangladesh!! Hoho.

  3. Rem2 said:

    You’re having a serious run of bad luck there matey – damn these foolish criminal scumbags.

  4. andyremic said:


    I got my refund, a full 5 WEEKS LATER, after going through the painful credit card reporting channels. In massive contrast, I ordered the same Panasonic cam from DABS.COM and had it within 2 days. Yes, it was a little more expensive, but at least DABS delivered the bloody goods!!

  5. Aleksy said:

    I just bought a camera from them.
    Arrived in used condition.
    No European warranty. They give you a piece of paper with 12 month warranty from themselves.
    Company based in Hong Kong which is not clearly stated on their website (can be found when you follow the link to terms and conditions at the bottom) but contact us gives you 0844 number and address in Isle of Wight.
    At the first glance seems to be a UK based company. Only after a closer investigation you will find out that they are simply crooks.

  6. andyremic said:

    Ouch!! Suppose I was lucky to get anything back at all…… reckon I’ll only be ordering from my “trusted” sites from now on, Dabs, Ebuyer, Novatech, Amazon, Play, etc.

    If it’s too good to be true, it probably is 😉

  7. Lord Snowdon said:

    Exactly the same experience – to the letter. Now two weeks since the robbing ‘kers took the money via…… GoogleCheckouts. And now they want the same personal details. And today SomethingEggy say…”oh, the refund is not done yet, I’ll email our accounts processing people. They’ll send you an email.”

    Why can’t VISA and the like just refuse to support these crooks and close them down.

    And another thing, their email asking for my personal details states “we are a reputable company and take your security seriously. We will not pass on your details to third parties.” @#*&%$£!” !!!

  8. mojo said:

    oh shit ive jus cancelled an order with these guys looks like im gonna have to call mint card for some help

  9. Andy Rem said:

    I know I’ll never order from them again!! 🙂 I’m amazed they’re still operating. I know do searches on any company I’m about to order from…… learnt my lesson 🙂
    And yes, they do still stink like skunks 🙂

  10. David Glover said:

    Still waiting for a refund of £299.95 after cancelling order because Simply Electronics could not deliver as promised. Order was placed 29 February, and cancelled by email 9 days later. They have now held my money 11weeks. Villains ! Why on earth do excellent manufacturers like Samsung deal with them? I must have been an idiot, but who is to know and when the actual product is from a good supplier I woould have expected Samsung to vet their customers . Ah, well. You live and learn. David Glover ( .

  11. Phil said:

    Yep I have been stitched up by these robbing ********* has anyone managed to get a refund via their credit card under section 75 or have they refused due to skrill?

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