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My story RAGE WOLF (a story of THE IRON WOLVES) was published recently by Grimdark Magazine, which I’m totally thrilled about: I’m getting back into the groove of writing after a two-year hiatus. My good friend, bruv and super talented musical maestro Rob Shedwick (aka Digital Front) composed an album called FOUND IN MACHINES which I listened to whilst writing, and which certainly set the tone of the story (links below). After reading an early draft, Rob then beavered away composing a thrilling action tune to accompany Dek’s ascent of The Red Tower in RAGE WOLF – and you can hear it here in all it’s g(l)ory: The Red Tower, by Rob Shedwick –

Painted Mannequins sets the opening tone of the story. You can hear it here:

Then, New Doll, Sick Doll and Doll’s Burial all further compliment the story, and are awesome pieces of music in their own right. Check them out!!

A little while ago TOR published three of my novellas, A Song For No Man’s Land, The Iron Beast and Return of Souls. Rob composed a track to accompany them, which can be heard here. Go Rob!!!

And finally, if you haven’t already, you can get Grimdark Magazine here:


Hello Spectrum fans!!

(and indeed, people who do not “understand”…)

I have just re-launched the Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict film Kickstarter, but with an updated core concept that focuses more on the history of the Spectrum, and indeed the developers and FANS who made the computer what it was and is. Please take a moment to look at the this new Kickstarter, and if nothing else, it would be appreciated if you could help spread the word.

Here’s the link –

Kind regards,

Andy Remic

ZX Film_2000

Hi Peeps.

There’s still a few physical review copies (ARCs) of my new novel, The Iron Wolves, kicking about in the Angry Robot Dungeon. If you’d like one, please get in touch with moi – jappoc [at] (or) – – caroline [dot] lambe [at] angryrobotbooks [dot] com. There’s also a squillion digital ARCs still available from Caroline. Get in touch letting us know the name of your site/publication etc.

If you do post a review of the novel The Iron Wolves (be it good or bad) on your review blog or review website, you also qualify for the amusingly named WOLF PACK (grwww, etc) – a goodie bag containing an Iron Wolves t-shirt, bookmark, signed author photograph and lolly pop, and you’ll be entered into a competition to spend the day with Mr Remic himself. Probably in a Local Hostelry.

Go on, knock yourself out and review the book. The t-shirts are particularly nice and utterly exclusive. 🙂

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Out 2nd January 2014.

Out 2nd January 2014.