HARDCORE short film

And lo! the short film did arriveth, and lo! it was good(eth)!

Let me know what you think!!?? 🙂

Thanks must go to:

Paul Remic, for Keenan, Nicola Cross, for Pippa and Sonia Scott who played the strangling zombie. Thanks also to all the other actors who turned up either for child parts or as zombies— everybody was such a great sport on the day!! Thanks must go to Bradshaw Profiles in Bury for letting us use their steelworks, and also to the Fusilier Museum in Bury for lending us real weapons to play with!! Cool! And a final special thanks to Colin Howarth for directing. Cheers man!

And a final final thanks must go to musicians, Jordan Reyne and TH3 M1SS1NG for music used in this little film production.


1 comment
  1. Ruth said:

    You made an excellent nurse! It looks fantastic. Thank you again for letting me get messy!!

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