Alt.fiction 2010 – The Event…

Alt.Fiction 2010.

Had a great time at the convention; Alt.Fiction 2010 had a really laid back, chilled out atmosphere, and was full of great people and old friends. Highlights of the day for me were performing a reading from VAMPIRE WARLORDS on the Angry Robot Reading panel along with Gav Thorpe, Ian Whates and Mike Shevdon; we had some fun banter there!!

Then there was Robert Shearman’s story of “Oy, mate!” which garnered much comedy (but needs to be heard, rather than read). And by far the best moment and utter pinnacle of comedic uproar was Tim Lebbon and Stephen Volk being, well, “tits” – that is, using their bent-over baldness to emulate breasts for a deviant photo opportunity. I haven’t laughed so hard since Gary McMahon fell asleep in his beer,  Lee Harris wore his cowboy hat (at a coquettish angle, it might be said), Jenni Hill emerged from the “blok” and Ian Watson smashed his neighbour’s windows and was arrested for vandalism (true).

The curry was good, the beer plentiful, and it was great catching up with Marco Bossman, Del and Kim Lakin-Smith, Ian Whates, Liam Sharp (and missus), Simon Marshall-Jones, Guy Adams, Ian Sales, Gavin Smith, many many others!! and, of course, the one and the only Mr Gary McMahon, who fell asleep in his beer. Did I mention he fell asleep in his beer? Well, Gary fell asleep in his beer. Thanks to everyone for such a great con 🙂

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Just wanted to say it was great meeting you on Saturday and thanks again for your support.

    Regards, Gavin.

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