Graeme’s SFF review – The Iron Wolves

Out 2nd January 2014.

Out 2nd January 2014.

And another review – great stuff!!  — “I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun with a book… ‘The Iron Wolves’ is just wall to wall (or should I say cover to cover) action covered in liberal doses of blood, brains and other assorted viscera. I love that, there is always something happening and Remic ramps the stakes up to unbelievable heights… I came away feeling like I’d fought in some of those battles myself… You’d be forgiven for wondering whether there is any room for good in Remic’s world but, in the best traditions of David Gemmell himself, Remic shows us that there is room for redemption in even the bitterest heart…” Graeme’s SFF on The Iron Wolves

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  1. Maggie Carr said:

    This book kept me up until I read the whole thing! Classic Remic! Gore, blood, heroes, and a sense of wonder of where in the world does Remic get his ideas from…cannot wait for the next one! Thanks Andy for another thriller of a read…like riding on the wildest ride at a carnival……Maggie Carr

  2. Graeme Flory said:

    Does this mean I get a t-shirt and lollypop? 🙂

    • The Editor said:

      You sure do!! Just getting the t-shirts printed now. You’ll also get a limited edition signed author photograph, and three IRON WOLVES bookmarks!! Whoop, eh?? 🙂

      • Cool! It’ll be just like Christmas but if the Mud-Orcs were in charge 😉

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